Strategy and business planning for high growth

The Problem

Rapid growth was causing a Consultancy business to struggle to meet demand, meet financial goals, and grow in a sustainable and controlled manner. There was no clear direction for the business, metrics and measures were ad-hoc and incomplete.
  • Client : Private
  • Business Area : Aerospace

How we helped

We helped to formulate a business strategy and implement a business planning process. By working with the company we designed a series of workshops, which we facilitated. The outputs of these sessions enabled the management team to formulate a prioritised action plan, supported by metrics and KPIs, which they continue to monitor and measure. We know how easy it is to get caught up in the day to day management and forget the bigger picture, so each quarter we support the team meetings and provide an outside in viewpoint to help remind the team of their goals and targets.


The following are some of the benefits realised by the company
Staff were totally engaged in the input to the Strategy and Business Plan
Team members actively supported the delivery of required actions
A prioritised action plan for the current year, is supported by metrics and KPIs that are regularly reviewed and modified
Growth areas for the business have been identified, and a roadmap to achieve future targets has been developed
Team members were engaged throughout the assignment which helped create a pro-active and collaborative spirit through-out the original assignment

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