Maintaining margins Case Study

The Problem

The company had to respond to greater demand by increasing production volumes and maintain margins, increased labour and raw material costs placed further challenges on profit margins. Rapid changes in a fashion conscious market meant that demand was volatile, and the company had to be able to respond to customer needs quickly, while effectively managing inventory and fixed costs.
  • Client : Private
  • Business Area : Production volumes and Profit Margin

How we helped

We worked with the company to map out the end to end flow of receiving orders and delivering product. Working with key members of the business, we identified areas for improvement from order processing, manufacturing, and fulfilment processes. We worked with a cross functional team to select where we could remove waste, meet quality targets, and reduce cycle times.
Improvements were implemented in the following areas
Rationalising raw material, work in progress, and finished goods
Improving accuracy of stock control systems
Manufacturing processes were reviewed
Waste and waiting were removed to increase production rates
Scheduling, manufacturing, and order information was made more visible


The following are some of the benefits realised by the company
10% increase in turnover
Improved cash flow
10% improvement in delivery performance
30% efficiency improvements
Improved use of factory space by reducing inventory levels
Greater flexibility of staff by multiskilling
Improved Health and Safety compliance

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