Revenue generation and improved customer responsiveness Case Study

The Problem

The Spares & Repairs function of an Aerospace company services several aircraft types and components, leading to a varied and complex product mix. Demand for support varies greatly, and customers expect a quick turnaround for service, and a speedy response. Changing customer needs with increased demand, meant that current operating processes and structure of the business required a review and redesign to meet service level agreements, and continue to provide excellent customer support.
  • Client : Private
  • Business Area : Aerospace

How we helped

Following an end to end review of order fulfilment, we worked with a cross functional team to identify improvements to operating processes, and organisation structure. This included material and information flows, stock levels and locations, team design, and reporting flows. Improvement activities were grouped and prioritised to create a road map, which was used to further define specific improvement projects enabling the company to move from the current as is operating model, to a future state.


The following are some of the benefits realised by the company
The business was able to identify opportunities to maximise revenue generating activities, and support improvements to the P+L.
Process and transactional improvements enabled a 33% reduction in response times to customer requests.
Training and skills development areas were identified, and team structures were designed to optimise labour utilisation, and improve customer service.
Redesigned organisation structure for improved communication flow
Reduced waiting time, and optimised team structures which created capacity to meet growing demand without increasing headcount.

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