About Us

Founded in 2003, Pragmatique is an independent Management Consultancy based in Edinburgh, U.K. with over 150 clients

Our clients are companies located across the world; our services help them to develop people and processes so they can make efficient and effective use of their resources. We work with Government Agencies, Multinational Companies, and SME businesses, across Manufacturing, Service, Public, and Third Sector.
Your business objectives and customer needs are important to us, and we work hard to make sure that the support and advice we offer, meet these goals.
Our team are experienced, dedicated and professional, providing you with flexible and tailored support.
You will have support from a cross functional team, all of whom have wide and varied industry experience. Covering areas such as Policy and Strategy, Operations Management, People Leadership, Business Improvement and Supplier Development.

Experience of deploying programmes, projects, and delivering change management outcomes

Your team utilise proven methodologies, with experience of deploying programmes, projects, and delivering change management outcomes. Interventions are defined and structured, providing you with a clear roadmap of activities, so that progress can be managed and measured.
You will benefit from having a partner that works hard to provide positive outcomes, and we are proud that many of our customers return to us when they need support for new projects and programmes.

As a company we have supported Development Agency programmes delivered in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Albania and the Czech Republic.

Outcomes of these programmes have included:
Make existing processes more efficient
Develop new products and processes
Become more innovative through product, service, and business model redesign
Highlighting emergent themes so that Government Agencies can provide relevant support
Increase economic growth by supporting export capabilities
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Numbers Speak

Since we began trading in 2003, we have worked directly with business of all sizes, ranging from 5-100,000 employees, and some of our customers have been with us since we formed. We work hard to look after our customers.
150 +
360 +
Projects completed

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