Develop a Train the Trainer resource Case Study

The Problem

Our Client wanted to further develop their workforce and support Operational Excellence activities. To do this they wanted to create a pool of Trainers to deliver on the job support across all areas of their business. They stipulated that any intervention had to equip the newly created pool of Trainers with a toolkit that could be applied to both technical processes training i.e. Health, Safety, and Environmental activities and business support function training i.e. Sales, Quality, and Engineering. The individuals they had identified to become this training pool had no previous exposure to training techniques, tools or theory.
  • Client : Private
  • Business Area : Trainer Workshop

How we helped

We worked with our client management team to help them identify specific objectives for the Train the Trainer workshop. As part of this activity we looked at the process of selecting trainers, identifying processes or business activities that needed support and used skills matrices to design a competency test.
To achieve these objectives we designed a bespoke, 2 day, Train the Trainer workshop, covering:
why and how people learn
how to identify and overcome barriers to effective learning
coaching and facilitation skills
how to design and deliver a training activity
a practical team based exercise


The following are some of the benefits realised by the company
the creation of a pool of 8 trainers
using the skills matrices to target training, and improve flexibility of staff
a defined approach to developing its workforce through defined training interventions
up to 50% reduction in training time, improving capacity
support for quality improvements reducing cost of quality by 10%
improved Health and Safety compliance

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